Bulge refs so far. NOT TO SIZE, AT ALL. AT ALL. Comparative sheet coming soon.

But in terms of actual size, smallest to largest:

  1. Zonpae
  2. Lizera
  3. Mephis
  4. Jepsyn
  5. Trizni
  6. Kruvni
  7. Daquri
  8. Barret
  9. Talgav (he’s REALLY THICK THOUGH?)
  10. Marsta
  11. Yruvin
  12. Magnum
  13. Ravitz
  14. Anreti
  15. Loeboe
  16. Origar
  17. Calgul (Really thin)
  18. Kandur
  19. Gadrin
  20. Azrill

read as, wherein, azrill is like a fucking half a foot larger AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHA not really. But he does have gigantism, let’s not forget this.

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